Bgo en Australia 10

Despues de este largo fin de semana en el que todos habeis estado expectantes a cerca de mis hazan9as, os relato:

El viernes llovio un monton y por eso fuimos a visitar unos museos. In9igo, Miguel y yo fuimos al National Maritime Museum, que como buen museo educativo es gratis, mientras otras fueron al Aquarium, que es de pago. La verdad es que el edificio del museo maritimo es muy bonito y amplio, pero no tiene mucho material interesante, solo algo de los colonos y asi. Fuera habia un destructor y una replica del endeavour, pero habia que pagar para subir y con el tiempo que hacia casi ni merecia la pena.

The teacher has come, now I must write in English.

Friday afternoon we had lunch in a shoping centre near the museum and after that we went to the Powerhouse Science Museum. Only five dollars for entering it. All the science museum are equal, but this one was quite big and had things that other don’t. The museum is located in a former electric power plant and there are also turbines in there, but as it was raining a lot and we had only two hours to visit the museum we didn’t see them.

Friday night we went out in Manly and we had a really good time. I arrived home by 3 in the morning and when I got there the tiles of the floor where OK. Julia came by 4 and the tiles were still OK. When I went out home saturday morning, all the tiles from the house’s main entrance were moved and broken, maybe because of the ‘cold’ weather (Friday was suposed to be the coldest day in sydney for a lot of years).

Saturday morning we decided to go to palm Beach, a beach in the North that it’s very beautiful. We bought some sandwiches and we took a bus to Warringah Mall first and the to Palm Beach. There were a lot of people going to the Northern beaches, so it was such a  big traffic jam, but we reached the beach at last. It was sunny there, but a bit cold. There isn’t anything really interesting to tell about this beach but its natural beauty. We came back home in the evening and we went out again at night. I got home at midnight.

We spent the sunday in Taronga Zoo. We bought some sandwiches again in the supermarket and we took a ferry to the city. The Italians were with us, but they disappeared when we arrived at the zoo. We saw the bird’s and seal’ show and we also saw a lot of animals. There was an interesting thing, there were some big jails and you’re able to enter them and almost touch the animals. We were among kangaroos and wallabies (a king of little kangaroos). We also saw platypus (ornitorrincos), koalas and other Australian animals. It’s really OK that zoo.

In the afternoon we saw some black clouds coming to Sydney, they were aproaching very fast, we decided to leave the zoo. We found the Italians and some of us went to the ferry wharf quickly, we didn’t get wet, but other girls went to the shop to buy a present and they got really wet in the way to the wharf. It was such a big storm, the wharf was moving and the ferry didn’t come because os the storm. We had to wait for such a long time. After that adventure we went to a Starbuck’s near the Circular Quay and waited there for the Manly ferry among Italian pilgrims. The hot chocolate was quite OK.

After having all the tiles from the entrance removed, my host family has decided to close the entrance and construct another room for homestay students with a pool and a tv and things like that. Firts thing I thought: will the get the permit for that? maybe in Australia you don’t have to fight with the town hall for a permit.

That’s all from Australia. Oli, try to read my English postings too, they’re incredibly interesting and you can learn english for free.

Por cierto, when we were waiting for the ferry in the zoo quede como dios. Itziar and In9igo were worried about diing in the ferry made Kentucky Fried Chicken because of a lightening and the I told Miguel (he studies Physics): ‘but the ferry should be like the Faraday’s jail, doesn’t it?’. And then Miguel looked at me really surprised and told me: ‘oh, you’re the queen of the electromagnetics, I didn’t expect anyone to know that!’. Thank you PedroMari for all those freak things you taught to me.


Utzi iruzkina

Erantzunik ez oraindik.

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