Bgo in Australia 06

Today I’m writing in English as I’m in the computer room lesson and we’re only able to write in English.

This weekend has been quite interesting, I’ve done my first yogurt in my life. I’ll explain this: at home we’ve got a 3 litres milk bottle that was to be drunk before the 15th of July, I’ve been drinking this milk for all the week as there wasn’t more there and yesterday, when I took the milk out of the microwave I saw that it was just like yogurt (I didn’t try it, of course).

Yesterday too, we went to the South Rainforest of Australia, it isn’t really special, it wasn’t as surprising as I thought it might be. We also visited some towns and beautiful points in teh seaside, but it was cloudy and we weren’t able to see the seaside in all its magnificency (is it well said?).

On Saturday night we went to a pub in Manly and they were showing the rugby match between Australians and South Africans, Aussies did win 16-9. Then we went to another pub and we danced their good house music. Australians dance quite badly. We went home in the last bus as we had to get up by 7 o’clock on Sunday morning in order to go on trip.

Now there are chocolate biscuits at home and that makes life easier sometimes. Yesterday I had roasted chicken with potatoes, but it tasted like Kentucky Fried Chicken chicken, very artificial, not as Gabin9a’s chickens.

When you were having lunch I was still awake to see the Formula One race on TV. It was only 10pm but I was really tired. I got asleep by 9.15 and got up in the 7th lap, but it seemed like nothing special had happenned. Nelsinho Piquet is the luckiest man in the world at the moment, he never qualifies, but safety cars are really helpful for him. You know, Fernando, when the car doesn’t run you have to use your imagination as Nelsinho does, it’s impossible to fight against more powerful cars with their same strategy. After watching all the race I went to bed.

On Friday night I played Uno with Eva and my landman and landlady – I like that word, landlady. When I arrived home from Sydney Tony told me to look for the Led Zeppelin DVD, but I couldn’t find it. Then he put the Led Zeppelin record on the record player and played it. We have dinner listening to that kind of music from an incredible music player with incredible loudspeakers.

On Friday afternoon we went to the Sydney Observatory and they told us that we can do a guided visit looking through the telescope at night, maybe we’re doing it, but we have to book in advance. One Wednesday night we might also go to the Modern Art Museum of Sydney for a night visit.

I’m forgetting a lot of things for sure, I always do. Lets see you tomorrow with a short Spanish entrance as I won’t have computer room hour to write a longer thing.

Keep reading me, you’ll not be disappointed.


Iruzkin 1

  1. Hola ilustre hermana,
    pregunta para Baikaba: ¿te has llevado el carnet de la piscina a Australia?, si no es así, comunícanos dónde está y estaremos encantadas de gorroneartelo en tu ausencia.
    Ya sabes que te queremos mucho y te echamos de menos y esas cosas que se dicen cuando alguien falta, pero yo te lo digo de verdad, mi muy estimada hermana.
    Saludos desde casa y Baikaba.

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